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Spring Garden Flowers in 3 Simple Steps


Place your order in 3 simple steps!
For each box you order, we’ll ship you 12 quart-sized annuals!

We know flowers and we want to help you by keeping it SIMPLE. Don't know a lot about specific types of flowers, or have a ton of time on your hands to search through confusing and busy websites? Simply provide us your zip code, your favorite colors and how much sun your garden receives and we'll do the rest.

Our regional gardening experts pick a dozen assorted quart sized annuals best suited to your location. We ship your plants in our specially designed packaging via FedEx to guarantee they arrive in perfect shape, ready for your garden. If you’d like to have your flowers delivered on a certain day, please drop us a note on our “contact us” page with the specifics and we’ll do our best to meet your request. It's that simple! Want to pick your specific varieties instead of letting us do it? Just place your order like normal and then send us an email on the "contact us" page and we'll do our very best to fulfill your request. While we can't promise that all our Regional Growers will have every variety that you might want, we'll do our best to make it happen!

Container Gardening - mysimpleplants is the perfect solution for container gardening. Whether your container gardens are in sun or shade, we can help you fill them with beautiful annuals. Just pick your favorite colors, and tell us how much sun your location gets and we'll seelect a dozen beautiful annual plants to meet your needs. A dozen annual plants will fill up to 12 square feet of container gardening pots.

Patio Gardening - mysimpleplants dozen annuals can be the perfect solution for patio gardening, whether you're patio garden consists of pots, window boxes or border gardens, our box of a dozen, large garden annuals will fit the bill. A dozen plants will typically fill about 12 square feet, so determine the size of your patio gardening space to help determine how many boxes to order. Then select the colors that work best with your patio garden accessories or other patio plantings, and tell us how much sun your patio garden receives and we'll select a dozen garden annuals for you. Then just plant and enjoy!

We only ship garden flower 'annuals' - For now, we only ship annuals, but we will be expanding our selection soon. Keep checking back with us to find out what we've added, or registered to be notified.

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